This program is primarily for 1st year and 2nd year undergraduate students who are eager to get a 2-3 year head start on their peers in accelerating the development of their technical and professional skills.

No prior experience is required for most of the projects but there is an assumption that the student candidate thrives on challenges and has the willingness to take ownership of their experience.

Under the Summer-at-Discovery’s Edge (SADE) opportunity, students will:

  • be assigned research opportunities and hands-on experience that will give them a 2-3 year head start over their peers

  • gain real world experience that will strengthen their resume with employable skills

  • create potential professional networking opportunities with other students, mentors, professors, and industry professionals

Some of the projects that our undergraduate students have worked on include, but are not limited to: 

  • Virtual Reality (VR) – work on an avatar team to develop virtual reality projects such as our Moon Base 2044 or create an AI campus, etc.

    • NOTE: all students will begin by participating in a short “Virtual Reality Academy (VRA)” to gain working knowledge familiarity with DLG’s 3D virtual high school campus before beginning their selected project.

  • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals - an extremely challenging project-based introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for students with strong computer programming background and experience with college-level mathematics. Our most technically and programmatically challenging project we’ve ever offered.

  • Telepresence Robotics - for onsite teams, gain hands-on experience with a humanoid robot. Use of neural headset for thought-controlled robotics.

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals– learn basic cybersecurity and apply it to create a cybersecurity game in virtual world or cyber testbed for ethical hacking.

  • 3D Printed Drone Engineering – gain experience as an avatar in “drone” engineering design principles.

  • Wearable Technologies – explore wearable technologies for medical applications - specifically a heart attack alert shirt.

  • BIG Data Analytics & Forensics - explore Publicly Available Information - processing of unstructured social media such as YouTube, Twitter, websites, etc.

NOTE: every project is team-based and so there must be enough students interested in a particular project areas to form a credible team before the project will be assigned. Virtual Reality projects serve as the go-to foundational project — especially for students who are interested in learning or applying programming skills.

Some of these project areas are offered to high school students on their web page but at a beginner-level appropriate for high school students. These project areas are offered to college students here at much higher, more technically demanding levels as senior-capstone-like projects.

From the available options, we selected the OpenSimulator (“OpenSim”) platform, primarily because it is a free and open-source option. All that is needed to connect to our virtual 3D campus is a suitable computer, internet access, and an approved avatar account.

Two principal tracks are available — a 5-week track and a 10-week track as a project-based learning experience. The 10-week track is available for all projects. Some 10-week projects can be rescoped to be suitable for the 5-week track while others are too technically intense to allow for successful completion in only 5 weeks.

Artificial Intelligence is a project area that is offered as only a 10-week Track while the Virtual Reality is offered as both a 5-week and a 10-week Track.

However a 3rd track is being added later this month that will be a 1-week special projects track that is structured as an extended “hackathon” conducted inside our 3D virtual campus to give students who already have the technical background or the willingness to learn …really fast… a chance to work on teams — from home as avatars — on a special topic as a unique hackathon experience in our 3D virtual campus.

The special topics for the one-week “3D virtual hackathon” track are submitted by our partners in gov’t, industry, and academia. Current special topics being considered include AI/ML for the 1-week “hackathon” track. Additional information on the 1-week special topics track and how to sign up will be posted on this website later this month.

The application process for the 5-week and 10-week tracks has opened up for a May 19th deadline - after which we regrettably can not accept late application because of the additional administrative workload it will create which will overload our limited staffing and thus jeopardize the program for those who did beat the deadline.

“A meaningful experience.”

"It was with Discovery Lab - Global (DLG) where I recognized and built my competitive professional skill set. I was given the freedom to go out and solve exciting real problems involving Data Analytics. I worked in teams and was able to act as a leader among my peers, as well as collaborate in small sub teams so that we could make progress on the project at hand. Some of my teammates would later become my best friends. Through the internship I also had to communicate clearly and quickly with those around me.  DLG provided me with a meaningful experience and pushed me to develop a competitive skill set."

— Ethan A.