This web page can be viewed on a mobile device but it is designed to be best viewed on a computer or laptop screen. Registration is now open for the Summer at Discovery's Edge (SADE 2019) Program.

Application Deadline: 11PM Eastern Time Zone, Sunday, February 17th.

*** Late submissions will NOT be accepted because we lack the staffing to handle the additional workload ***

Applications will re-open in late April BUT ONLY for incoming college freshmen through their college career center - because there will be a special program just for them.

Applicants who are selected for SADE 2019 will be given the opportunity to sign up for a very unique 8-hour Intro to Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals seminar series. Students do not need to select an AI project to participate in this AI seminar series (additional 1 - 2 hours / week). The seminar series in our 3D virtual campus will cover expert systems, autonomy for self-driving vehicles, machine learning, neural networks, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for speech recognition.

Here is a summary of the DLG projects portfolio planned for this summer. They are all team-based to allow students to develop team-building to help each other and team-work skills that are highly valued by future employers.

  1. Virtual Reality (no prior experience required)

  2. Artificial Intelligence (very challenging: programming and algebra-level math) - available to high school students on an extremely selective case-by-case basis — given the college level challenge of AI.

  3. Cybersecurity (no prior experience required) - projects in DLG’s 3D virtual cybersecurity campus.

  4. Wearable Tech (some prior experience required) - primarily biomedical applications involving electronics and sensors.

  5. 3D Printed Drone Design (some prior CAD experience ….or strong interest … helpful)

Here are the program administrative details:

  • First Day of SADE (for both the 5 Week and 10 Week Tracks): June 3, 2019 (Monday)

    • Last Day (5 Week Track): July 5, 2019 (Friday)

    • Last Day (10 Week Track): August 9, 2019 (Friday)

  • *Pre-Requisite: Please note: The first two weeks of SADE for all the students irrespective of final project selection is an self-paced Virtual Reality Academy (VRA) as part of a student-team to get you comfortable with being an avatar in DLG’s 3D virtual campus environment.

    • Those applying for the 5 week program will spend remaining 3 weeks primarily on a virtual reality project like Mission to Mars, Jurassic Zoo, Virtual AI Campus, etc while students applying the 10 week program will be able to spend the remaining 8 weeks on a much more advanced virtual world team project or any of the other project areas; Artificial Intelligence, Wearable Technologies, etc.

  • Flexibility: This technology program is spare time, flex time to accommodate your other summer commitments such family vacation, summer jobs, etc.

  • Location: All sessions are hosted in our safe and secure virtual environment.

  • Cost: This opportunity, which is valued at $460/student for the entire summer program - to include the AI Fundamentals seminar series. Both are currently being offered at no cost.

    • That is why the application process looks the way it does … the application is a test to identify students who will succeed in the challenging but rewarding hands-on project-based experiential learning opportunity that SADE is meant to be.

  • Materials needed to participate: Computer, internet access, free down-loaded software, and headphones with microphone

  • Qualifications: No prior experience or education is needed for most of the DLG projects (except for the very demanding Artificial Intelligence projects) - however the students who have been successful in our program in the past have demonstrated four foundational qualities that we (and future employers) look for:

    • (1) enthusiasm - they’re excited about their project - that’s why we give you a say in project selection

    • (2) tenacity - they don’t quit when things get challenging / they find a way - a good quality to have in general

    • (3) personal responsibility - they take ownership of the experience - they don’t complain & blame others

    • (4) glass-half-full mindset - they see the positive / they’re pleasant to be around

    Does this describe you? If so, you will be successful in this unique opportunity and in your chosen career … with what you learn and develop through this Summer-at-Discovery’s-Edge (SADE).

There are two steps to apply for a Summer-at-Discovery’s-Edge (SADE).

  • STEP 1: click the REGISTER TODAY link to complete the online registration / application form.

  • STEP 2: click the VIDEO APPLICATIONS INSTRUCTIONS link next to the REGISTER TODAY link to download instructions to answer the 8 blocks of short questions in an email and also in a short interview video.

    • Reading ALL of the instructions carefully first will answer most of your questions.

    • The 8 blocks of short questions in the instructions must be answered as an email and as a short interview video. NOTE: the instructions are also designed to be a test to help us identify the students that SADE is designed for.

QUESTION? - if you have questions after you first carefully review the information on this website then please email your questions to DLabG.Resume@GMAIL.COM … but make sure to put SADE2019 Question in the subject line of the email (the email header) … and not inside the email … so that we can respond quickly.

click here to download the video application instructions.

click here to download the video application instructions.