Discovery Lab Global expanded our program to the middle school students in the summer of 2017.  The first ever Middle School Program was a great success. 

Students collaborate in teams to learn how to navigate and apply basic scripting to objects, as well as research in our virtual environment. Students will gain technical experience and will learn soft skills such as being on time, communicating and working in small groups, being responsible - at an early age. 

Currently, we are accepting registrations for Summer 2018. Each session is one day a week for 5 weeks. The theme this year is Mission to Mars. 

There are two session to choose from.

Each session will be held on Tuesday from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

  • The first session dates are: Tuesday, June 5th - Tuesday, July 3rd.
  • The second session: Tuesday, July 10th - Tuesday, August 7th



  • 7th and 8th grade students

Technical Experience:

  • No prior experience is required.


  • A computer
  • A headset with a microphone


  • OpenSimulator (this software can be downloaded for free online). After your child is registered and follows the appropriate steps to get signed up, we will provide access to our secure 3D grid)
  • An Internet Connection


Students will pay a one time registration fee of $25.

What Parents Are Saying About Their Child's Experience...

"We hope you continue offering such projects to middle school students so they can use cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems, make them well-rounded through STEAM experience, and prepare them for a bright future.  We really feel fortunate that our daughter got this opportunity."

I would like to compliment and express our gratitude for conducting the Discovery Lab Global Internship Program for middle school students. Our daughter, an 8th grader, got the opportunity to work on the “Mission to Mars” project and she benefited from it in a number of ways. First, it made her think about science and engineering issues relevant to making Mars hospitable. It also made her better appreciate the conditions on earth. Second, she got hands-on experience with virtual reality, and the upcoming technologies. Third, this project gave her firsthand taste of teamwork, and experience the role of collaboration, communication, and planning in project’s success. She honed both her leadership and presentation skills. Last but not the least, she also experienced ‘Office of the Future’ as she participated in the virtual world while traveling in a car connected to the internet via a hot spot created using a phone!

- P.P.

"From this experience, I know that my daughter gained confidence, presentation skills, learned how to work in a team, the importance of deadlines and being prepared. Most importantly, she signed up for a coding class and was excited to go back to school."

I am very grateful that our daughter was able to participate in the middle school program this summer. She tends to struggle in school and feels she is not good enough, not smart enough. She was not that excited to learn I had signed her up, but she loves Minecraft so she was open to the idea of building cool things. After the first class, she came to me and said "hey, I'm pretty good at this!" She was very excited about learning and building in the virtual environment. From there, I had to get her to sign off when the class time ended, and when her two week cyber camp was over - she came to me and asked why she wasn't allowed to continue on in the remaining 6 week research internship. It completely took me by surprise. Needless to say, she completed the entire 8-week summer program. Her team was given the opportunity to present at the Discovery Lab Global Open House and at the Ohio State Fair - opportunities that are not often offered to students her age. I cannot say enough good things about this program. Thank you, DLG!

 - E.H.