Growing Innovators....


Through a rich, experiential learning summer program that we are offering at no cost, students explore their tech curiosity, cultivate team building skills, and have the opportunity to create pre-commercial prototypes, all alongside researchers and career professionals. 


Discovery Lab Global creates a unique opportunity to supply the market with high-tech ideas generated from the top talent in the country, contributing to communities their future entrepreneurs.


Companies, communities, and school districts and universities also benefit from Discovery Lab Global by providing recruitment, resume/college application and future startup opportunities.  

How do I benefit as a....


Communities attract top talent from across the nation as future resident employees and future startup entrepreneurs. 


Schools and universities benefit by offering students a unique, early hands-on internship opportunity that will strengthen their resumes and college applications. 


Companies and organizations are able to recruit top talent for future employment and gain access to early pre-commercial results with IP potential. 

Our Mission Statement 

Discovery Lab Global is a non-profit educational and scientific organization designed to become a student-powered entrepreneurial research center with global reach. We aim to provide students early hands-on experience on real-world technology challenges to accelerate their professional development as our future technology workforce, and to exploit our student-centric research center model to demonstrate "pennies on the dollar" research for pathfinding and prototyping projects that benefit sponsoring communities and companies.