High school students from any location may participate in our year-round learning experience. Our program is broken into two stages. Stage 1 is to learn by attending and completing our Virtual Reality Academy (VRA). Each student will learn Open Simulator which includes the basics that will acclimate them to our virtual reality technologies and communication platform. Students will benefit by gaining tangible technology skills, beginning with exposure to the virtual reality domain, and – more importantly – developing the essential “soft skills” that are valued by prospective employers.

Top graduates from Stage 1 are eligible to apply to Stage 2 which offers a more challenging, entrepreneurial research and hands on experience for product prototyping projects sponsored by member communities and companies.  At this level, students are prototyping projects. This experience is similar to what is offered only to upper classmen or graduate students. 

All projects are team-based, which allows students to work with, and learn from, their peers. Peer mentors, recruited from the top tier of past sessions, will provide additional technical support.  The program is also part-time and flexible.

Portfolio of Projects

Some examples of the Stage 2 projects that students have completed are:

  • Virtual Reality – using OpenSim, students may develop virtual reality projects for markets, propose layouts for physical spaces, training facilities or interactive exhibits
  • Data Analytics – research and design a space where members can collaborate on data analytics, data visualization, etc.
  • Wearable Technology – develop wearable technologies such as the Internet of Things demonstrators
  • Cyber Security – a project-based approach to future cyber-security certification will be explored
  • and more...

"The experience was incredible, and I want to thank you (again) for that."

"The experience was incredible, and I want to thank you (again) for that. Since I liked the project so much, I've decided to study Computer Science as my career. I discovered that I like to create new things with code. The Cyber Camp was an eye-opening experience, and I can't wait to start my studies."

Rodrigo C.

“I will always remember and be grateful of this experience”

"My experience at Discovery Lab Global was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. There were days I hated it. But then there were days I was in awe of my accomplishments. I am not a computer science major - so this did not come easy to me. It was challenging and I failed (which I am not used to doing), but in my failure I succeeded. I believe that this experience allowed my resume to stand out and helped me get into the university of my choice. I will always remember and be grateful for this experience."

Zoe H.