This cybersecurity program is planned for Summer 2019 and is open primarily to veterans and active service members seeking to explore cybersecurity as a potential future career. Others may be accepted on a limited case-by-case basis.

This C-VAP program is fundamentally different from the Summer-at-Discovery’s-Edge (SADE) cybersecurity projects offered to college and high school students as C-VAP is primarily an Intro to Cybersecurity Fundamentals seminar series that leads into training sessions to prepare students to pursue cybersecurity certifications to improve future employment opportunities.

If you wish to learn more about the C-VAP Summer 2019 program, send an email to DLabG.Resume@GMAIL.COM with “CVAP2019” in the email subject line. Include the following information:

  • indicate whether you are a veteran or active service member

  • if you are - indicate how many years before separating or retiring and

  • describe exactly what you hope to get out of the experience


As a service veteran of 22 years, the DLG executive director created DLG’s Cybersecurity Veterans Assistance Program (C-VAP) to give military service veterans (and active service members) the career-assistance opportunity to investigate cybersecurity as a potential career pathway and … for those selected for this unique “bootstrapping” opportunity … to help them take their initial steps … at no cost … towards pursuing their first cybersecurity certificate.

  • There is a “catch” to the no-cost opportunity. To be clear - there will be no cost to the students who are selected for this C-VAP opportunity but the “catch” is in the expectations regarding dedication / commitment / etc to the opportunity.

  • This C-VAP opportunity builds on an NSA-funded cybersecurity college course that DLG helped to create and teach in our 3D virtual Cybersecurity Campus along with our university and small business partner - (see illustrations at the end).

  • DLG leveraged the success and lessons-learned from that NSA-funded pilot to create C-VAP as a shorter career-transition-focused “Intro to Cybersecurity as a Career” program that teaches key cybersecurity fundamentals and principles while describing a faster “new-collar” strategy for pursuing cybersecurity as a career.

But wait — there’s more:

DLG plans to create C-VAP pre-certification training sessions in our 3D virtual Cybersecurity Campus for Summer 2019 to help DLG alumni pursue their Security+ after completing C-VAP.

  • Our plan is for it to be no-cost as well. But because it takes (serious) resources and commitment on DLG’s part to offer this no-cost (we do not receive outside funding for this), there will be a vetting process to ensure that the ones who are selected to participate will make the kind of dedicated commitment and “tenacious enthusiasm” that someone like Mike L. (mentioned below) has made to their own success.

181230 Military to Civilian Transition.jpg

In the words of past DLG CVAP participants (testimonials):

“My favorite aspect of the course was simply the level at which it was delivered.  It met the goal spot on by providing starting points for development so that we could see where to dip our toes into the huge ocean of cyber.  I also enjoyed this final session that analyzed an actual job request.  The subject put the ideas into a concrete view showing exactly what it would take to be involved in this from the perspective of an employer rather than from a study point of view.” — Devan W.

"I want to provide you with an update on my efforts to securing a career in Cyber Security. I'm happy to inform you that I start an exciting position at xxxx with xxxx next Monday! … THANK YOU for accepting me into the CyberSecurity camp and providing me with such an awesome opportunity! I hope you can share my good news as a great testament for all your efforts and proof of the opportunities the camp provides.” — Mike L. (Director’s Note - Mike gets all the credit for this)