This web page can be viewed on a mobile device but it is designed to be best viewed on a computer or laptop screen. Application is now open for the Summer at Discovery's Edge (SADE 2019) Program. Visit the High School or the Undergraduate links (above) for appropriate background information before applying here.

Application Deadline: 11 PM Eastern Time Zone, Sunday, February 24th.

*** Late submissions regrettably will be REJECTED - so submit yours early ***

Applications will re-open in late April BUT ONLY for incoming college freshmen through their college career center - because there will be a special SADE program just for them.

Here is the two-step application and interview process for applying to SADE before the Feb 24 hard deadline.

  • STEP 1: click the CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY link to complete the online registration / application form.

  • STEP 2: click the VIDEO APPLICATIONS INSTRUCTIONS link to submit your interview video & email

    • Read ALL of the instructions carefully first — they will help answer most of your questions.

    • The interview questions must be answered as an email and also as a short interview video.

  • The two links are on the top right of this webpage when viewed on a computer / laptop

  • The two links are at the the bottom of this webpage when viewed on a smartphone.

QUESTION? - if you have questions after you first carefully review the information on this website then please email your questions to DLabG.Resume@GMAIL.COM … but make sure to put SADE2019 Question in the subject line of the email (the email header) … and not inside the email … so that we can respond quickly


The Projects: Students will have a say in their project assignment through a project assignment / team-formation process in our 3D virtual campus that we call the “NFL Draft”. Here are some examples — especially for AI.

No prior experience or education is required for Virtual Reality or for Cybersecurity projects. Artificial Intelligence is the most challenging project in our program. So some prior programming experience (e.g. Python, Java, etc) and being comfortable with algebra-level math or higher are both helpful for the AI projects.

  1. Virtual Reality (5 week baseline track or the more challenging 10 week track )

  2. Cybersecurity (5 week baseline track or the more challenging 10 week track )

  3. Artificial Intelligence (10 week track only - the most challenging SADE project )

    • Telepresence Robotics - for onsite teams, gain hands-on experience with a humanoid robot.

    • AI-Powered Video Game - can AI teach itself to play a video game?

    • AI-Bot - develop an AI chat-bot in virtual AI campus

    • and more

  4. Wearable Tech (10 week track only - some prior electronic experience helpful)

  5. 3D Printed Fixed-Wing Drone Engineering (10 week track only - some prior CAD experience helpful)

Administrative Details:

  • First Day of SADE (for both the 5-Week and 10-Week Tracks): June 3, 2019 (Monday)

    • Last Day (First 5-Week Track): July 5, 2019 (Friday)

    • First Day (Second 5-Week Track): July 8, 2019 (Monday)

    • Last Day (2nd 5-Week & 10-Week Tracks): August 9, 2019 (Friday)

  • *Pre-Requisite: The first two weeks of SADE for all the 5-week and 10-week students is a self-paced Virtual Reality Academy (VRA) to get students comfortable with being an avatar.

  • Flexibility: This SADE technology program is up to 10-15 hours / week depending on the project - and is spare time, flex time to accommodate other summer commitments such as family vacation, summer jobs, etc.

  • Location: All sessions are hosted in our safe and secure virtual campus environment. An on-site option for some projects are possible for some students..

  • Materials Needed: Computer, internet access, free down-loaded software, and headphones with microphone. The wearable tech projects will require access to low cost electronics and very low cost sensors.

  • Cost: This opportunity — to include the AI Fundamentals seminar series — is valued at $495 - but is currently offered at no cost. Consequently, the student’s application & interview video will factor heavily in our selection.

  • Qualifications: No prior relevant experience or education is needed for most of the DLG projects (except for the very demanding Artificial Intelligence projects) - however the students who have been successful in our program in the past have demonstrated four foundational qualities that we (and future employers) look for:

    • enthusiasm - they’re excited about their project - that’s why we give you a say in project selection

    • tenacity - they don’t quit when things get challenging / they find a way - a key to success in life

    • personal responsibility - they take ownership of the experience - they don’t complain & blame others

    • glass-half-full mindset - they see the positive side of the challenges / they’re pleasant to be around!

Do these qualities describe you or describe what you will commit to strive to develop through this SADE program? If so, we invite you to apply!


click here to download the video application instructions. CORRECTLY COMPLETED APPLICATION must be RECEIVED by 11PM ET, Sun,  Feb 24th . late applications will BE REJECTED.

click here to download the video application instructions. CORRECTLY COMPLETED APPLICATION must be RECEIVED by 11PM ET, Sun, Feb 24th. late applications will BE REJECTED.