We're so glad you're interested in Discovery Lab Global!  Follow the instructions below to complete your application process to participate in the upcoming Discovery Lab Global program.  We look forward to hearing from you.

There are 4 steps required to complete the application process. The first is to fill out the application form using the link below. You will then need to complete an application video (see instructions) and a parent waiver (if applicable). Once you have completed the video and have had a parent sign the waiver (if applicable), you will need to attach and submit the video, the waiver and your resume to DLabG.resume@gmail.com. 

Please note: If you are responding to a flyer, be sure to use the instructions on the flyer for the video, interview questions and submission instructions. You will need to follow the instructions very carefully. The instructions below are for general application and consideration only. If you have questions, please email: DlabG.resume@gmail.com.

Step 1:  Complete the online application form

Step 2:  Submit an application video

Download Application Video Instructions

Step 3:  Submit a parent waiver form if applicable

Download Parent Waiver Form

Step 4:  Submit your resume