High school students (primarily 11th and 12th graders) from any location may participate in our year-round learning experience through our avatar technology Open Simulator. Students will benefit by gaining tangible technology skills, beginning with exposure to the virtual reality domain, and – more importantly – developing the essential “soft skills” that are highly valued and sought after by prospective employers. A successful experience will also strengthen any future college applications.

Each student will first learn Open Simulator virtual reality (VR) basics which will not require the use of a VR headset. This initial learning experience - working together as a team - will help acclimate them to our 3D virtual world that we call Deep HoriXons (DHX).

All projects inside our 3D virtual campus are team-based, which allows students to work with and learn from their peers as part of a team without having to relocate. The program is what we call spare-time / flex-time.

The program is broken into two different tracks – a 5-week track and a 10-week track. Everyone begins on the 5-week basic track to learn the fundamentals of virtual reality from home and to apply it on a short team project and then given the option to continue onto the more advanced 10-week track as part of a student team.

The application process has opened up for a April 21st deadline - after which we regrettably can not accept late application because of the additional administrative workload it will create which will overload our limited staffing and thus jeopardize the program for those who did beat the deadline.


Project Areas for High School Students

  • Virtual Reality – work on an avatar team to develop virtual reality projects such as our Moon Base 2044, etc.

    • NOTE: all students will begin by participating in a short “Virtual Reality Academy (VRA)” to gain working knowledge familiarity with DLG’s 3D virtual high school campus before beginning their selected project.

  • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals - an extremely challenging project-based introduction to Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals for students with strong computer programming background and experience with college-level mathematics. Our most technically and programmatically challenging project we’ve ever offered.

  • Telepresence Robotics - for onsite teams, gain hands-on experience with a humanoid robot.

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals– learn basic cybersecurity and apply it to create a cybersecurity game in virtual world or create a virtual cybersecurity testbed for exploring the concept of ethical hacking.

  • 3D Printed Drone Engineering – gain experience as an avatar in “drone” engineering design principles.

  • Wearable Technologies – explore wearable technologies for medical, music, fashion or other applications.

NOTE: every project is team-based and so there must be enough students interested in a particular project areas to form a credible team before the project will be assigned. Virtual Reality projects serve as the go-to foundational project — especially for students who are interested in learning or applying programming skills.

"The experience was incredible, and I want to thank you (again) for that."

"The experience was incredible, and I want to thank you (again) for that. Since I liked the project so much, I've decided to study Computer Science as my career. I discovered that I like to create new things with code. The Cyber Camp was an eye-opening experience, and I can't wait to start my studies."

Rodrigo C.

“I will always remember and be grateful of this experience”

"My experience at Discovery Lab Global was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. There were days I hated it. But then there were days I was in awe of my accomplishments. I am not a computer science major - so this did not come easy to me. It was challenging and I failed (which I am not used to doing), but in my failure I succeeded. I believe that this experience allowed my resume to stand out and helped me get into the university of my choice. I will always remember and be grateful for this experience."

Zoe H.